Albuca Propella

Albuca Propella Albuca Propella

There exist many varieties Albuca. This is one of the species.

The growth experience has been gained and tested in Northern European climate.

The growth starts in August. The Albuca Propella continues growing during the winter at temperatures between 3C and 15C. It cannot withstand frost.

Albuca “Propella” has a narrow sharp leaf, like reed.

In January the flower bud is already visible in the heart of the bulb.

Around 30 April/end of April the flower branch bristles. It has more then 50 flower buds. The last buds are and remain green and bloom until the end of May!

The flower chalices stand up and look like a propellor, hence the name “Albuca Propella”.

“Albuca Propella” can remain in the same pot for many years. Every year one or two young bulbs develop on the mother bulbs. These will also flower.

The rest period is from June to August.

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